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Bespoke Confectionery and Gifting

At Stockley's we are manufacturers of boiled sweets, toffees, chews, fudges and honeycombe sweets in both traditional and sugar free ranges. We also manufacture Inclusions (various sizes available)

From our BRC A Grade, Nut Free factory, we have the privilege of working with many of the UK's most recognised high street and corporate brands and we would love to work with your business.

From gifting-items to bespoke confectionery, with packaging and bagging services, we work side-by-side with many businesses to create a unique range of products bespoke to their brand; whether this is as a corporate gift or a complete product line for their own stores.

If you have a need for a custom range of products or have an idea for a range of confectionery then we would love to hear from you so please contact us today.

We can package our existing confectionery under private label to create an instant product range.

To view a range of example gifting items, please click here